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#PullHerUp – Unlock HER potential to Unlock OUR Power

What do we mean by #PullHerUp: We want to reframe how we appreciate women from “gifting to” a woman to “investing in” her.

There is no deeper sense of respect for a woman than actively investing in her development.
Many women struggle to create the space in their lives to deliberately invest in themselves.
Instinctively, anything spare: time or money is given to help others because investing in herself is something many women still feel guilty about.

We challenge women, men & organisations/companies to pull up women in your circle or a woman you don’t know by investing in their self-development. The opportunity to interact with content, tools and supportive conversation to discover yourself, question and challenge what you believe and build new thinking that creates the future you envision is the ultimate investment in self-liberation. What better way to affirm women than give her access to this space!

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