We are on a mission to NURTURE untapped potential. We TRANSFORM the lives of women by training them in the art of beauty. We believe that as they transform you, they continue to transform themselves. We want to REVOLUTIONISE the way a business is built by progressing our members towards ownership of our brand. We strive to bring you world-class beauty treatments that are affordable, so TOGETHER we can journey to improve lives.


AMAZI is a nail and beauty brand founded on the authentic desire to educate undervalued women in the art of providing beauty treatments. Our brand is crafted on the principles of inclusivity which we cultivate through two distinct arms – a non-profit and a for profit.


This is our commercial arm that establishes nail & beauty bars across the country, which offers affordable, quality beauty services. AMAZI Beauty only employs trainees from the AMAZI Academy and guides, supports and develops them along a journey of personal and professional development.

Amazi Beauty - Nail & Beauty Bar - 30
Amazi Beauty - Nail & Beauty Bar - 27
Amazi Beauty - Nail & Beauty Bar - 28
Amazi Beauty - Nail & Beauty Bar - 29


This is our non-profit arm. The goal of this academy is to begin to address the lack of opportunity that has set the starting point for so many women so far back that they do not have the ability to be competitive in the formal economy, have a successful career and create wealth for themselves and their families. The heart of the training journey is the restoration of self-belief in women who have otherwise been forgotten by our economy.


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