We are Reclaiming KNOWLEDGE Creation

Women of colour are the main providers of beauty experiences globally and yet we do not write the knowledge content we are educated on. Revolutionising how women of colour experience beauty starts with how we as women of colour learn about beauty. If we learn that we are beautiful, we will create the space for other women of colour to feel beautiful.

Our virtual knowledge hub was born out of our deep desire to write and share learning about our journeys through self-development, entrepreneurship and technical beauty education.

Virtual Knowledge Hub: Learn More

Virtual Knowledge Hub: Learn More

Conscious Spending is Investment

A seat at somebody elses’ table is no longer enough. We are here to build our own table!

We are building community among women of colour. We can collectively fund the start-up, growth and success of millions of brown and black women when we see every rand that we spend as an investment in a women and her aspirations. We are not just consumers. When we are deliberate in where we spend our money, and we stand together in our choice, we unlock our economic power and we create economic access for our community.

Our Wisdom is Beautiful

Brown and black cultures have leveraged the power of community to elevate each other for centuries practicing philosophies now labelled as “social enterprise”, “sustainability” and “inclusion”. Embedded within our DNA is the wisdom we need to craft ways of sharing knowledge, telling our stories, creating earning and ownership opportunities that benefit our collective wellbeing.

Simply put. Brown and black women are the labour that provides beauty experiences but have little other representation at the tables that make decisions. We are changing that. By bringing radical change to the way beauty is defined, understood and practiced so that we create opportunities for women of colour through community.



We create and share knowledge with women of colour who aspire to be in the beauty industry or are in the industry and want to invest in their growth. We are intentional about writing our own knowledge so that the content we create is written by women of colour for women of colour.



We believe in the economic power within a community of women of colour. If we are conscious about our spending as a collective, we can fund the birth, the growth and the success of more entrepreneurs, businesses, products and brands owned and run by women of colour. We are not just consumers. We are investors in each other, if we choose to be.


We INCUBATE talent

We create spaces to incubate entrepreneurial talent among women of colour within beauty. The lack of infrastructure and access to market keeps aspiring entrepreneurs excluded and existing entrepreneurs struggling to grow their earnings. We innovate ways to use our spaces to unblock these barriers.



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